Rokit - The Ultimate Water Rocket

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Rokit - The Ultimate Water Rocket

The Rokit Water Rocket - Bottle Adapter Kit


• Adapt 'pop bottles' with this wonderful water rocket kit by Rokit
• Three fins slot into the bottle adapter to improve the flight path.
• Easy to launch time and time again!
• Always a favourite with children and adults alike! 


Explore the exciting world of rocketry!  This kit contains the specialist adapter, hose & fins required to make your own the compressed air and water propelled rocket.  Add your own nose cone, parachute or additional fins to personalise your rockets.  Experiment with the volume of water placed in the bottle to find the optimum amount to give the best overall flight - be it height reached or total distance travelled.
Buy multiple 'Rockets' to launch at the same time or in competition - and save money with our bulk kits!  

Choose our 8 pack of rockets and receive a 46 page activity book for free.  It adds an extra dimension to the kit and proves to be a brilliant opportunity to bring physics to life.  The science activities it describes  allows you to trial different factors to see how they affect heights reached and times for launch etc or to build parachute deployment systems, nose-cones or tools to measure the height reached.
All you will need is an empty 'fizzy pop' bottle and a bicycle pump for each kit!

Extra Information:


• Bottle adapter & flight fins & washers
• Specialist pressurised hose
• Metal ground-support rod/guide


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