Qwizdom Q6 Student Voting Remotes

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Qwizdom Q6 Student Voting Remotes
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Qwizdom is the interactive teaching tool designed to engage all students within a classroom - and it has set the benchmark for all others.  It immediately complimented our teaching style – it can yours!

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What does Qwizdom mean for the teacher?

• Dramatically reduces marking time!
• Increases class participation & engagement
• Helps to assess level of student understanding
• Identifies areas of confusion – to revisit later
• Makes assessment for learning easy, accurate and quick
• Helps to improve your questioning style

Most Common Uses

• Take attendance
• Use daily to increase engagement
• Give daily/weekly quizzes & tests
• Check homework answers
• Discussion starters
• Check if students understand key points


What does the software offer?

• Game-like onscreen scoring ensures every pupil is motivated to consider and answer every question posed.  It has never failed to - in hundreds of events! 

• A wide variety of question styles are possible and easy to implement: Employ true/false questions through to calculations requiring numerical input.  The Q6 handsets allow a greater number of questioning styles than the Q4 units they replace and include the option of text input too.  The options available ensure provision for any ability range is exciting. 

• New/existing PowerPoint presentations can be created/adapted in minutes.  Multimedia elements - such videos - can be inserted and played as usual  

• Every response of every individual is recorded - even their response time.  Results are presented in Excel - making for easy, quick and accurate analysis!  

• Presentations are easily controlled using the teacher remote - from anywhere in the room - giving you the freedom to move as you present. 

The Student Handset - The Secret of Success

We find students quickly learn to use the remote - finding operation intuitive.   We recommend this model because it offers a huge range of input possibilities and range of uses - proving to be the most cost effective option.  

Key Features:
• It is easy to input answers - using mobile phone like operation
• Large, separate True & False buttons for lower level questions
• Multiple Choice buttons (A-F) on the first six digits
• A numeric keypad allows pupils to input numbers - including decimals

• Text input is also possible using the thumbpad and letter selector.
• A clear display allows pupils to follow prompts or ask for help by remote
• Correct/Incorrect answer symbols can be received by individual handsets -
  ensuring every participant is aware of their own progress.
• Handset powers down automatically when the presentation is closed.
• A robust design - able to withstand a drop from a desk onto a hard floor!

Qwizdom Q6 Kit Contents:

• 1x Instructor/Teacher Remote
• 20x or 32x Student Handsets with 2xAA batteries included per handset
• 1x USB Receiver
• Question Designer Software
• Carry/Storage Case

Why Buy Qwizdom from us?

Qwizdom is still unique in what it offers.  As is our Support and Advice.

Our price is the lowest in the UK - exclusive to us because we use the system in every event we deliver in schools throughout the UK.  If you find the 32 Remote set cheaper - we will beat it (after eating our hat!)

We can also provide you with a quote for a custom size kit - using the same great pricing offers.  Email us with the number of handsets you want to include in your kit and we will send the quote through.

Quite simply, we are teachers that use Qwizdom in every one of the hundreds of events we deliver every year.  We can give you the best independent advice - from the teachers view.

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