Linking STEM to Agarose Gel Electrophoresis - Edvotek S-46

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Linking STEM to Agarose Gel Electrophoresis - Edvotek S-46
Linking STEM to Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Use any or all of the four scenario options supplied with this new kit from Edvotek - to help explore important STEM concepts using Agarose Gel Electrophoresis.  The variety of applications and selection of dyes included in this kit make it our Best Deal recommendation if you are looking for a single kit to do it all - making it useful for pupils in KS3-KS5. 

An excellent teacher guide and worksheets are included - making the kit easy to use.  It includes very detailed background information that is easy to understand and deliver to your students.  Staff will be experts in no time - and so will their students.

This kit helps your students learn about the application of gel electrophoresis in:
  • CSI - DNA Fingerprinting
  • DNA Paternity Testing
  • Genetics (related to health and well-being)
  • Detection of Genetically Modied Foods 

These dyes can be separated in agarose gels and students will use core STEM tools to determine band size and utilize critical thinking and reasoning skills.  All you need to do is to determine which scenario you wish to use with your class.

The range of dye results really do make this kit the most diverse and easy to follow simulated DNA kit available.  It is a hugely cost effective way to embed DNA electrophoresis into your lessons.

For 10 Lab Groups (4 pupils/group)
Complete in approx. 45 minutes

Teaching & Preparation instructions
Ready-to-Load™ dye samples
Agarose powder (enough for 12 gels)
Practice gel loading solution
Electrophoresis buffer (enough for 2 litres)
Microtipped transfer pipettes.

Extra Information:
You will need: electrophoresis apparatus and power supply, microwave

The options open to you with this simulated DNA electrophoresis kit are truly superb.  You can even measure and record Migration Distances of simulated fragments in order to Generate a Standard Curve and accurately analyse the samples in each scenario.

Lesson Plan Option A:  Using Dyes To Simulate A Crime Scene/DNA Fingerprinting Activity
Students will analyse PCR reactions obtained from different suspects and compare them to crime scene samples.

Sample A: Standard Dye Marker
Sample B: Crime Scene PCR Reaction
Sample C: PCR Control Reaction (or an additional Suspect)
Sample D: Suspect 1 PCR Reaction
Sample E: Suspect 2 PCR Reaction
Sample F: Suspect 3 PCR Reaction

Lesson Plan Option B:  Using Dyes To Simulate A DNA Paternity Test
Students will compare a child's DNA sample with his parents using the DNA Fingerprinting technique.

Sample A: Standard Dye Marker
Sample B: PCR Control Reaction
Sample C: PCR reaction from Mother DNA
Sample D: PCR Reaction from Father 1 DNA
Sample E: PCR Reaction from Father 2 DNA
Sample F: PCR Reaction from Child DNA

Lesson Plan Option C:  Using Dyes To Simulate A GMO Detection Activity
Students will determine if any genetically engineered genes are present in foodstuffs.

Sample A: Standard Dye Marker
Sample B: GMO + Control
Sample C: GMO - Control
Sample D: Supposed Organic Soy
Sample E: Supposed Organic Corn
Sample F: Supposed Organic Wheat

Lesson Plan Option D:  Using Dyes To Simulate A Cancer Gene Detection Activity
Students will diagnose the state of the p53 gene in individual family members.  The guide also includes a sample of a p53 Family Pedigree chart.

Sample A: Standard Dye Marker
Sample B: "+" Cancer Gene Control
Sample C: Patient 1 Tumour DNA
Sample D: Patient 2 Tumour DNA
Sample E: Patient 3 Tumour DNA
Sample F: Patient 4 Tumour DNA

QuickStrip vs Bulk Vial:

We find QuickStrip Kits completely eradicate preparation time (there is no need to aliquot from one vial to many) but they require 40 μl pipettes for best results.

The alternative is to use 20 μl  pipettes and purchase the DNA kits in bulk vial form.  This allows you to nearly double the number of repetitions you will get out of every kit (and save money) - but does require preparation of sample vials beforehand.

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