Forensic DNA Fingerprinting - Edvotek S-51

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Forensic DNA Fingerprinting - Edvotek S-51

Forensic DNA Fingerprinting
Edvotek Kit S-51 (Whose DNA Was Left Behind)


DNA obtained from a single hair left behind at a crime scene can be used to identify a criminal.

In this experiment, students will compare simulated crime scene DNA with that of two suspects found on different items.  It proves an exciting way for students to learn the theory behind DNA fingerprinting whilst practicing the skills required to prepare the evidence.

The scenario and instructions are all included - ready for you to use with minimal additional work.



• Ready-to-Load™ Dye Samples
• UltraSpec-Agarose™ Powder
• Practice Gel Loading Solution
• Electrophoresis Buffer
• Calibrated Pipette
• 100 ml Graduated Cylinder
• Microtipped Transfer Pipettes
• Teacher Guides

QuickStrip vs Bulk Vial:

We find QuickStrip Kits completely eradicate preparation time (there is no need to aliquot from one vial to many) but they require 40 μl pipettes for best results.

The alternative is to use 20 μl  pipettes and purchase the DNA kits in bulk vial form.  This allows you to nearly double the number of repetitions you will get out of every kit (and save money) - but does require preparation of sample vials beforehand.


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