Let the Games Begin!

This is your chance to challenge yourself, learn to keep calm under pressure and to lay down the gauntlet to other competitors!
Your score and time to complete each challenge will be recorded.  The results will be used to form the league tables for each quiz.

You simply need your unique member's Username and Password we have sent you when you signed up to log in.

We will be adding more and more challenges - so keep coming back to see what is new!  In fact, a dedicated site is being built right now - that will have separate pages for all the different sorts of challenges we offer.  Plus, it will have the league tables that are being compiled from all the scores of our members taking part at the moment.

We think it is an exciting time and hope you enjoy the challenge.

Good Luck.

Brain Buster Quizzes:  (These open in a new window)

Caving Conundrum - Identifying Clues:   Click Here
Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Hint: You will need to have identified the leads in the Caving Cornerstone Newsletter to do well in this quiz.
(Your school/educational institution needs to have purchased the Caving Conundrum activity to attempt this)

Caving Cornerstone - Synthesis Quiz:   Click Here
Difficulty Rating: 5/5
Hint: You will need to have thoroughly researched the conundrum and reached a conclusion that explains what nearly killed Mr Cal Seum in a caving incident.  You need to know chemical equations and understand Mr Seum's Logic Chart to do well. 
(Your school/educational institution needs to have purchased the Caving Conundrum activity to attempt this)

Mars Lander Designs:      Click Here   
Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Hint:  You will need to know about air resistance, streamlining and terminal velocity to do well in this quiz.

Blood Analysis & Transfusions:     Click Here
Difficulty Rating: 4.5/5
Hint: You need to have an idea about blood typing techniques and be able to solve logic problems to do well in this quiz.

Let the Blood Flow:      Click here
Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Hint: You should have a basic knowledge of how blood flows, what affects it and how our bodies use it.  Time to do research!

Astronauts and Missions to Mars:     Click Here
Difficulty Rating 3/5
Hint: You need to find out about the first famous astronauts, the robots on Mars and facts about Mars to succeed.

Fun With Fingerprint Facts & Analysis:      Click here
Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Hint: You should have a basic knowledge of fingerprint patterns and techniques - if you are to leave your mark!

Fiendish Forensics Science Challenge:     Click Here
Difficulty Rating 4/5
Hint: You need to know about DNA extraction, Fingerprints, Blood Analysis, Anthropology, DNA Fingerprints and more to be a mastermind in this challenge.  It really is one of the toughest, but if you are logical or have participated in our Dead on Time event - you could do well!

Coming Soon:

If you have bought items from our Member Offers area - then you will be in a great position to
take part in our Practical Problem Solver Challenges:

Robo Rally Rampage

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Hint: You need to own the game Robo Rally and have the game pieces, boards and your programming brain at hand!

Mirascope Madness
Difficulty Rating: 4/5 
HInt: You should have played with a Mirascope, seen the results and iused our activity sheets - to have the best chance!

Mars Sand Magic
Difficulty Rating: 2/5
Hint: Complete our Mars Sand Magic investigation with the Sand Magic Kits to get a top score

Big Trak Brain Ache
Difficulty Rating: 4/5
Hint: You will need to have a Big Trak Junior and know how to programme it to race to the top of the league on this one!