About Us

TheThinkSomeMoreStore is the online shopping and learning experience from Aspire More Able.  Our educational department specialises in the creation and delivery of G&T (Gifted & Talented) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) events and resources for school and universities, whilst our business department concentrates on corporate team building events.

As specialists in teaching, learning and communication styles we have worked with and evaluated hundreds of products with a view to adapting and using them in our event programmes.

We are often approached by event participants and their relatives about the availability of good resources to use with the family.  Unfortunately, there are a huge number of 'educational' toys  widely available that have only marginal educational value. 

TheThinkSomeMoreStore allows us to offer the best of the products we assess or manufacture - those that offer real educational benefit, whilst generating the highest levels of interest and fun! We know it is the most effective way to learn.

We also offer Schools only* kits on this site:

Our schools only resources include exclusive presentation materials and worksheets to ensure they can be used easily and effectively in the classroom.  These versions of kits are unique to us. 

Our team of experienced G&T Coordinators, teachers and presenters have specialised in the design and delivery of events and resources for G&T programmes since 2001.  During that time, we have worked with hundreds of schools, nationally and internationally. 
With 100% of participating schools recommending our events, we are confident we can provide you with products that motivate and inspire.
Our programmes demonstrate an array of highly successful teaching strategies and introduce a varied range of innovative resources.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to use a huge range of the latest products in our programmes, so we can see for ourselves how effective they really are! 
We assess each product in terms of:

Most importantly, we determine whether or not the activity adds real value to the learning experiences of people in the UK.  We only sell resources we have found to be of genuine use during our events and teacher training sessions.  We take the time to adapt, modify and enhance products where necessary with extra equipment and/or exclusively written guides, presentations and worksheets. Therefore, we have complete confidence in the quality of the products offered.
We hope you will benefit from our experience.

Encourage teachers to trial new approaches
Challenge students to think creatively

'Students were totally engaged…an excellent range of resources and practical tasks'
Carole Portman Smith, G&T Lead Practitioner for the Specialist Schools Trust.