3D Mirascope Investigation - by Thinkers In Science

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3D Mirascope Investigation - by Thinkers In Science

The Mirascope – Investigate an Incredible Optical Illusion


• A truly amazing 3D optical illusion -  a magical floating image
• Exclusive photocopiable activity sheets help your students investigate the image formed
• Experiment with image inversion, convergence and magnification
• Investigate real & virtual images and understand focal points
• An intriguing gateway that enables you to explain ray diagrams and focal lengths


This is a perfectly made version of a Mirascope - two mirrored dishes that fit together to create one of the most amazing optical tricks people are ever likely to see close up.  The concept is often used in magic tricks and stage shows because it is truly fascinating - which makes it an ideal starter for experiments into light and optics. 

The KS2 investigation is designed to fit within a 60 - 120 minute period.
The KS3 & KS4 investigation includes multiple activities - with total activity time taking up to 4 hours.

Our Class set includes 8 mirascopes and a set of activity sheets - allowing groups of up to 4 pupils to work together to discuss their findings.  Club sets include 4 mirascopes and a set of activity sheets -  and are ideal for smaller class sizes. 

The Mirascopes are 15cm in diameter and include a red foam ball (avoids scratching the mirrors), already in place so that your students immediately get your first glimpses of the illusion!  Our activity sheets guide pupils through a range of short experiments that will enable them to investigate the reflections and images formed in a concave mirror.  A follow up activity allows them to explore the effect of adding the top mirror.

The immediate question pupils ask is, 'How do we see that?'   The object appears to float in empty space and when they try to pick it up they realise and there is nothing but air between their fingers!  This is a magical science investigation to get them hooked.

Extra Information:

• Activity guides are available for KS2, KS3 and KS4 science.  Please select the most appropriate from the drop down list at the top of the page.

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